Running to make a difference…

Amateur to elite, inspired by Kenyans – raising for Kenyans. 

Heavily inspired by @gomofarah , I decided to start running 18 months ago. Following his story and how he trained with Kenyan’s in London, I took the time to study the Kenyan running ways and came across this book by @adharanand . It’s one of the only books my short attention span has been beaten, as I read from front to back completely captivated. Based on this book, I explored further and met my running coach Hugo online, based in the same setting of this book, Iten. After a year of contact and running ‘ the Kenyan way ‘ , i felt a stronger connection to Kenya I quickly became more and more disturbed at the living conditions of East African children and made contact with @shoe4africa – a charity, based in Kenya with strong connections to running & this small town, Iten. After a long initial conversation with founder Toby Tanser, i soon realized that I want to make a difference with my running. It’s time to step up the running game, explore the world of running and help change some lives. First step ✈️ Kenya visit, in April 🇰🇪 , staying in the famous High Altitude training camp from @lornahkiplagat . Wish me luck, and stay tuned for my journey on this one… 😘

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